Roofing Safety Measures & Equipment

Working at Height Safety Measures Working at heights requires special precautions for obvious reasons. Roofing safety is really important. Falls from height still account for one-fifth of the deaths in the construction industry; they are the biggest killer in the industry, yet still people chance their arm, especially in the domestic market. Having seen one … Read moreRoofing Safety Measures & Equipment

Grounding Cables at Your Home

All electrical codes require grounded wiring to prevent fatal shocks from faulty switches. Faulty switches, outlets and motors can leak electrical current without affecting the fuse or circuit breaker. Since power continues to surge through the wires, the leak needs an outlet. Pulled by the earth’s magnetic force, this leaking current will search for the … Read moreGrounding Cables at Your Home

Outdoor Electrical Wiring

Installing outdoor outlets is no more difficult than indoor wiring. However, there are extra safety regulations that must be followed. We’re a nation equipped with electronic gizmos. While at one time the interior of the house was the domain of electricity, there’s an increasing need for power outdoors to handie our lawn mowers, lights and … Read moreOutdoor Electrical Wiring

House Wiring Explained

Electrical System Understanding how your electrical system works will provide you with a healthy respect for electricity while minimizing your fear of any improvement or repair work. Working with electricity need not be hazardous as long as strict safety practice are followed. Electrical work must be done to code. Government electrical codes regulate the materials that … Read moreHouse Wiring Explained