How to swaddle a newborn baby

How to swaddle a newborn baby

Step 1: Spread a small blanket diagonally on a changing table or bed.

Step 2: Fold the top corner down about 6 inches.

Step 3: Lay the baby on the blanket, so the fold is just above the baby’s shoulders and the bottom point is in line with his toes. Say coochie-coo.

Step 4: Gently holding the baby’s right arm to his side, pull the same side of the blanket across the baby, tucking the corner beneath his bottom.

Step 5: Leaving enough room for the baby’s legs to extend, fold up the bottom point of the blanket toward the baby’s chin. If the blanket is too long, fold the bottom point down so it’s not covering the baby’s face.

Step 6: Gently holding the baby’s left arm to his side, pull the final corner of the blanket across him and tuck beneath his bottom.

Step 7: Pick him up and give him a sweet kiss.

  • If you’ve got a particularly wild baby, good luck! Leave his arms free by folding down the top corner farther and aligning the fold under his armpits. When you fold up the bottom corner, secure it by tucking it into the other folds at the top.

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