Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

Air Conditioning Maintenance There are two basic types of air-conditioning systems for the home — central air conditioning, which cools the entire house and is usually operated through the furnace ductwork; and room units, which cool only the room in which they’re located. If you’re planning on installing air conditioning, keep in mind that a … Read moreAir Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

Oil Furnace Maintenance | Gas Furnaces

Oil Furnace Maintenance In oil furnaces, fuel oil is sprayed into a combustion chamber where it is ignited, creating heat. Combustion is accomplished by two different methods in the two basic types of residential oil furnaces — the pressure burner and the vaporizing burner. The pressure burner is the one found in most homes. Oil, … Read moreOil Furnace Maintenance | Gas Furnaces

Sidewalk Repair and Driveways Restoration

Sidewalk Repair and Driveways Restoration Constant ground shifting can cause cracks in driveways and sidewalks. A regular maintenance program is important to keep them in top shape. Although asphalt driveways can withstand much of the abuse dealt them by the weather, they do tend to develop cracks and pits over time that need to be repaired … Read moreSidewalk Repair and Driveways Restoration

Fence Post Repair – Wood Fences Restoration

Fence Post Repair – Wood Fences Restoration Wood fences require little maintenance beyond regular painting and staining. But if you’ve noticed decay on a part of your fence, repair it now before it weakens the structure. Wood fences will start to decay after a number of years. The major area for rot attack is the … Read moreFence Post Repair – Wood Fences Restoration

House Window Repairs – How to Instructions

House Window Repairs – How to Instructions Whether a window is wood, vinyl or aluminum, the material expands and contracts with temperature changes creating problems that can be corrected with a minimum amount of work. Windows are available in several different types You’ll find wood, aluminum, vinyl and steel windows, in a style range of … Read moreHouse Window Repairs – How to Instructions

Roof Repairs – How to Repair a Roof

Overview: Roof Repairs – Do It Yourself Instructions A leaky roof can create some major structural damage if left unchecked. Minor roof repair could save you lots of money, if they done in time. For example, taking the time to repair a leak will save you some costly structural roof repairs. Keeping your shingles in good repair is the … Read moreRoof Repairs – How to Repair a Roof

Flashing Repair – How to DIY

Flashing Repair Flashing is used as a watertight seal wherever shingles cannot be used. You’ll find flashing where the chimney meets the roof, around roof vents in valleys, around dormers and where flat roofs meet a wall. Aluminum, copper, plastic, felt, rubber and galvanized steel are the materials flashing is made from, however, the metal … Read moreFlashing Repair – How to DIY

Siding Repair | Wood Siding | Aluminum Siding

Siding Repair Vinyl and aluminum siding have all but replaced wood as exterior cladding materials. Although vinyl and aluminum require minimum upkeep, wood can create a series of problems you’ll need to contend with. Traditionally, wood and hardboard siding were the materials used in house construction. However, with the advent of aluminum and the newest … Read moreSiding Repair | Wood Siding | Aluminum Siding