Roof Underlayment Installation

Overview: Roof Underlayment Installation It is important to understand that modern underlays are proprietary products, so the fixing instructions should be checked with the manufacturer’s information. However, in general, all underlay should be laid with a slight sag (nominally 10mm) to allow any water trapped in the roof to drain away to the eaves. It is … Read moreRoof Underlayment Installation

Roof Types and Shapes, Design Considerations

Overview This article deals with the different roof types of pitched roof, such as mono-pitch, duo-pitch, lean-to, gables, hips and valleys, and also raises the need to consider weight, pitch, planning and exposure when choosing materials and suitable fixing methods. Roof Types and Terminology Single-Pitched Roofs Mono-Pitched Roof type. The main aspect to consider with single-pitched roofs … Read moreRoof Types and Shapes, Design Considerations

Where to Buy Roofing Materials

You keep asking yourself – Where to buy roofing materials? Here are the common places to check for. DIY Superstores Increasingly now, well-known DIY superstores are stocking more and more specialist products and can prove to be very handy for last-minute items and general materials. There will be sand, cement, timber battens and some of the more … Read moreWhere to Buy Roofing Materials