Basic Tips and Tricks of Steel Fabrication You Would Need to Know

Basic Tips and Tricks of Steel Fabrication You Would Need to Know

Steel beams allow buildings to be constructed with a maximum amount of durability. The iron and carbon in the beams can be mixed with other metals in order to give it strength. Often, tungsten is used to give the beams a high degree of strength and durability.

The process for creating metal structures is called steel fabrication. The fact that beams can be bent means that beams do not just have to be installed as straight columns. Instead, they can be shaped for specific purposes such as reinforcing domed roofs or carports.

Cutting Stage

The first stage of fabrication is the cutting stage. The steel is cut into strips using a variety of different methods. Some people will want to cut the steel using high-temperature blowtorches. Specialist cutting machines which are laser-guided will ensure that this stage is entirely accurate and that the steel is not damaged.

Bending Stage

The bending stage is the second phase of the fabrication process. Metal fabricators will bend the beams using automatic hammers, or they will complete the bending process by using a machine called press brakes. These machines bend the metal automatically, and the operator can enter the exact angle that they want the metal bending to.

The press brake ensures that there are no mistakes, which can sometimes occur if people are hammering the beams manually. Press brakes are extremely efficient.

Assembly Stage

The separate metal beams will have to be assembled once they have been cut and bent into shape. The beams can be joined together in a variety of different ways. The most common method is to weld them firmly into place, but the adhesive material can also be used to make sure that the beams are fixed.

It is very important that the beams are checked to make sure that they are stable and that there is no risk that they will collapse.

What Types Of Beams Can Be Created Using This Technique?

There are three main types of a beam which can be created using the technique that has been described earlier in the article. Each one of these beams serves a specific purpose in different areas of a building.

Parallel Flange Channel Beams

These beams are bent into a C shape using the fabrication method. They are taller than they are wide. They are often used in canopies, carports and entry porches. The parallel flange channel beams are extremely durable.

Universal Beam

The universal beam is more commonly known as the ā€œIā€ beam. They are taller than they are wide and are used as horizontal beams. They are usually used as internal support beams because of their strength.

Universal Column

These columns are the same width and height. These are extremely durable and are designed to support concrete slabs in buildings. These columns can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Hopefully, this guide has explained the basics of fabrication.

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  1. Thanks for going over some basics about steel fabrication. I didn’t know that there were different tools used in the cutting stage, and that some use blowtorches while others use laser-guided machines. To be honest, this makes me interested in learning more about these tools, and the benefits to each of them. Not only that, but perhaps there are certain situations were a certain tool is ideal over another one.

  2. I appreciate you providing some tips on how to fabricate steel. You mentioned the use of special cutting machines to ensure that the metal sheet is cut appropriately during the cutting stage. It would definitely ease up the work of the laborers since they don’t have to manually do the cutting themselves. I can only imagine the amount of hard work and training these workers had to endure to master their craft. If I were in the same industry, I would definitely make sure to master the art of steel fabrication. Thanks.

  3. I was wondering how they did fabrication. Thanks for letting me know that you start by cutting strips of metal. I want to put in some crossbeams into the dream house that I’m building with my husband. It’d look so nice. Now that I know how it’s done, I bet I can pick a better fabrication service to use.

  4. I have been considering putting a gate up at my home, but I wasn’t sure what the best approach would be. Then I read your section about the assembly stage for steel fabrication and I realized that as I build my gate I need to make sure that the beams are stable and that there is no risk for collapse. I will be sure to pay close attention to this as I build my own gate.

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