Exactly How Secure Is Your Roller Shutter?

Exactly How Secure Is Your Roller Shutter?

Shutters and blinds are a fantastic way to increase the security and privacy of a building. Roller shutters are one of the best things to use if people want to deter burglars and prevent people from seeing what is going on inside the house or business.

Read this guide about how to test the security of a roller shutter.

How Well Does The Roller Shutter Obscure The View From The Outside?

One of the primary functions of window shutters in Perth is to keep out prying eyes. Damage to the roller shutter could mean that people can see into the building. Make sure that the shutter is fitted correctly so that it covers the whole of the front of the building with ease.

A motorised roller shutter might not fully extend, which could be a problem with the motor which allows the shutter to move upwards and downwards.

If the shutter does not extend fully downwards, the shutter should be replaced with a new fixture. Once the shutter has been replaced, the front of the building should then be fully obscured. This will make people feel more secure and will allow the whole family to relax in privacy. Perth’s #1 roller shutters block out prying eyes.

Does The Shutter Look Like It Is Going To Come Loose?

Shutters should be securely fixed in place. This will allow the shutter to work correctly. An unstable shutter could pose a safety hazard because it could fall down and injure anyone who is walking nearby.

An unstable shutter should be refitted in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. This could require the entire shutter to be replaced. Another reason for instability is that the shutter may be too heavy to fit securely on the window frame. A secure shutter should last for years without having to be replaced.

Is The Shutter Starting To Become Rusty?

Roller shutters may start to become rusty if it has been exposed to the elements over a long period of time. The shutter will be less secure if the metal has started to become damaged because it could let people access the business or house more easily. A rusty shutter should be replaced by a new fixture.

How Well Is The Motor Working?

Roller shutters are available as automatic shutters as well as manual ones. The motors of automatic shutters need to be kept in perfect working order, otherwise, they could start to malfunction and cause problems.

The motor may need to be dismantled and replaced if there are problems such as excessive noise or the blind refuses to move. A damaged motor will make the shutter a lot less secure.

Shutters can become less secure in a number of ways. Roller shutters should be regularly inspected to make sure that they have not become damaged. Use this guide to see if the shutter has become less secure.

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