Should You Buy or Hire Equipment and Tools When Building Your Own House?

Should You Buy or Hire Equipment and Tools When Building Your Own House?

Anyone who has made the bold decision to build their own home will have lots of decisions that they need to make on a wide variety of things, from where the property should be located through to what the budget is. One of the most important things to consider is whether or not money will be best spent on renting or buying the equipment and tools that will be needed to do the building work.


It is easy to both buy and rent the equipment and tools needed to build a property with and there are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which option is best. Companies specialising in affordable plant hire can be found online and the first thing to do when deciding between renting and buying is to work out what the budget is.

Once a budget has been outlined, it is then time to start comparing the cost of renting versus buying and below are a few other things that need to be thought about in order to make a decision:

  • Whether or not they will be used again in the future
  • How often they will be used
  • What the difference in price is between the two options

If it is likely that another similar project will be undertaken in the near future, then it might be worth buying the tools but if it is a one-off, then it can be great value for money to simply rent the equipment.

Renting vs. Buying

The advantages of renting include the fact that everything from good value vacuum truck hire to earthmoving equipment can be hired, so absolutely anything that could be needed can be rented. Another benefit to renting is that if there is a problem or something breaks, it is someone else’s responsibility to get it fixed. However, the downside to hiring equipment and tools is that they have to be handed back once the job has been done, which means they can’t be used again without going through the hire company and paying for them again.

Popular Products to Rent

Some of the most popular items that people need to rent when building a property are trucks such as tilt trays and below are a few examples of some of the most commonly sought after trucks that are easy to rent:

  • Tray trucks
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Prime movers and service trucks
  • Water carts and tippers
  • Skid steers and backhoes
  • Wheel and IT loaders

It is usually best to hire a truck as and when it is needed rather than invest in one and reliable earthmoving equipment hire from Total Plant Hire is an example of other pieces of equipment that can be rented through a reputable provider.

Building a new property is an exciting prospect and the entire experience will be a lot more enjoyable when done with the right equipment.  

2 thoughts on “Should You Buy or Hire Equipment and Tools When Building Your Own House?

  1. Buying earthmoving equipment can definitely get expensive. By having the option to rent, I feel like a lot more people would be able to afford the job they are trying to complete. As long as you aren’t going to use the machine multiple times, renting would definitely be the best option. Finding the best product can also become a hassle but having the different options of what each machine does will definitely help those when choosing which route to take.

  2. My wife and I are thinking about renting a bobcat for when we landscape our yard this summer. I like your point about how if something breaks, the company will fix it. This is a relief since we’ve never used heavy equipment like this.

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