10 Tips on Freshening up the Home

10 Tips on Freshening up the Home

Home is a place where we spend most of the time with our family and relax within the confines of its space. Home is also a place where we expect guests and visitors and do exhibit our style of living and luxury. Hence it is of paramount importance to keep our home spic and span and free from unwanted pollutants and dust. The main places to be cleaned and freshly aerated are your kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

  1. Windows and Ventilators: Remove all dust particles spread between the sills and vents with a wet piece of micro fibre cloth. Keep the windows and ventilators ajar for a while after cleaning it. While cleaning you may also come across spider cobwebs which have to be eradicated.
  2. Dusting: This should be done thoroughly to remove dust from ceiling fans, light appliances, tables, book shelves, and display shelf and glass tables. Use a plastic flexible pole with a microfiber cloth attached with a stretchable rubber band at the tip of it to clean the overhead appliances.
  3. Walls & Corners: These are the most neglected parts of the house as everyone is so busy nobody notices the layers of dust it has been accumulating. Mopping would be easy at the ground level but for higher areas one should use the same flexible pole to get rid of unwanted dust and allergens which cause a stink to develop over a period of time.
  4. Slipcover: It would be ideal to use slip covers for your chair, upholstery like sofas etc. Rather than tirelessly vacuum cleaning just removing the slipcover and sending it laundry would be the best way to prevent dust.
  5. Garbage bowl in the kitchen: This should be kept handy within the kitchen as all the peels and unwanted trash could be dumped into it right away. Have a trash-can also placed in the kitchen so that all the recyclable trash could be put into one of those bins.
  6. Bathroom: It is difficult to get rid of those dirty ugly grease stains and soap scum build-up on your porcelain enamel tubs, basin. Use a dilution of ammonia with water and scrub it gently and see how its sparkle is regained.
  7. For removing indelible stains, persistent odours or caked muck or dust particles it would be best to use carpet powder than carpet shampoo. Because the drying would take much time while carpet cleaning powder could be used with vacuum cleaner. Using vacuum cleaner with its suction at full intensity would forcibly take out all the hidden dust and mites which have been hiding inside it.
  8. Indoor and outdoor floor mats: It would be better to have one outdoor mat at the entrance of the house and an indoor mat soon after entering the house as this would help in checking the flow of dust and other unwanted pollutants.  To clean your house carpet, you can hire a carpet cleaner easily through the net.
  9. Keeping the Shoes Clean: After days using of your shoe it would be better to remove them and sprinkle some baking powder inside it so that it kills the entire stench. Next day before putting it on just tap it out and put them once again.
  10. Stinks from pets: This is one of the major causes for the house to smell awry. It would be better to sprinkle with baking soda all over the place inclusive of the bed of the pet.  Let it remain for a while and then vacuum it and the entire stench would vanish.

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