10 Things Your Plumber Isn’t Telling You

10 Things Your Plumber Isn’t Telling You

Essential services, such as plumbing and electrical work aren’t really things one can tackle one’s self, and these tradespeople tend to keep secrets from the homeowner, perhaps because they don’t want inexperienced people messing with water pipes. Here are ten of their best kept secrets.

1. Some plumbers are actually not

A plumber is a qualified tradesperson, and the knowledge he or she possesses is the result of a lot of study and hard work. Here is some more information about qualified tradespeople who can fix almost anything.

2. Plumbers like to keep quiet about preventative measures

This may be because they think that if the homeowner knows how to prevent leakages and ruptured pipes, their work load will go down, however, if the homeowner checks regularly for puddles or corrosive pipes, it can save money if the problem is spotted early.

3. Many plumbers will not clean up

If the work involves taking up floorboards and other remedial work, very often the plumber will not make good those repairs, so it is advisable to ask before the work begins. If a person is looking for a handy man, there are online companies that are located locally.

4. Look for a 100% work guarantee

Most tradespeople will not offer this for obvious reasons, but there are some companies that are bold enough to issue this kind of warranty, as they are very confident about their work. If one needs handyman services Perth, an online search will reveal a reputable company that is local.

5. Monday is their busiest day

Apparently the reason for this is that many wives contact the plumber on a Monday to fix a DIY job that hubby did over the weekend.

6. Buying top quality hoses and parts saves you money in the long run

Those rubber washing machine hoses don’t last forever, so next time one needs to replace, buy stainless steel pipes, which are more expensive but cheaper in the long run, as they last a lot longer.

7. Make sure you know how to turn off the water supply

If the worst happens, and there is water running over the floor, knowing how to turn off the water mains while waiting for the plumber could prevent a lot of damage.

8. Have a basic set of tools

Some minor jobs can be tackled by the homeowner, as long as they have the right tools, and with a little help from the Internet, one can fix some small problems, avoiding the cost of calling out a plumber. Using the wrong tools can cause more damage than good.

9. Don’t hang wet clothes on water pipes

Wet clothes can be very heavy and believe it or not, they can cause a pipe to fracture, so it is not a good idea to use water pipes for hanging clothes to dry.

10. Ask the plumber to check your water pressure

This is a simple task for a plumber, and if one asks after the work has been completed, a good tradesperson would be happy to do this, as it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to complete.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure the tradespeople are qualified and have a good local reputation. A 100% work guarantee is sufficient to ensure that the plumber is competent, and if references are available, this is another good sign.

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