Sliding Door Repairs – How to Tune up Closet Doors

Sliding Door Repairs – How to Tune up Closet Doors

Sliding Door Repairs – Simple adjustments for smooth operation

“Bifold” closet doors are compact and convenient. But they have lots of moving parts that can go out of whack. That leads to an ugly, uneven fit, rubbing, binding and balky operation. You can usually solve all of those problems by adjusting the fit of the doors within the opening. Your goal is an even 1/8-in. vertical gap between the doors and even horizontal gaps above and below the doors. Here’s how to reposition the doors:

Tune up closet doors

To move the top of the door, loosen the setscrew on the top bracket and slide the bracket slightly left or right.

Retighten the setscrew, close the door and check the fit. You may have to adjust and readjust a few times before you get it right.

To move the bottom of the door,

To move the bottom of the door, lift the door and set the pivot into a different notch. Some doors have setscrew adjustment (as shown above) rather than a notched bracket as shown here.

To adjust the height of the door

To adjust the height of the door, turn the pivot. Some pivots can be gripped with pliers; others require a wrench. For easier adjustment, lift the door and set it on a spacer such as shims or a book.

Replacement parts

Most home centers carry a good selection of replacement parts for bifold doors. You may not find an exact match, but new parts of the same type and size often work with the old door.

Top rollers

Top rollers are mounted near the corner of the door that glides along the track.

Top pivots

Top pivots lock the door into the top bracket.

Bottom pivots

Bottom pivots connect the door to the bottom bracket and allow height adjustment.

Lube the upper track

Lube the upper track

For silky-smooth operation, spray some lubricant on a rag and wipe it onto the upper track. Use a lubricant that’s labeled “dry”—it won’t gather dust.

Reinforce a loose pivot

Reinforce a loose pivot (2)

Pivots often become loose as they slowly enlarge the holes they rest in. To restore a tight fit, remove the pivot, screw on a pivot reinforcement plate and reinsert the pivot.

Adjust bypass doors

If you have a sliding “bypass” door that doesn’t fit evenly against the opening or drags on the floor, the fix is easy. You can raise or lower one end of the door or the entire door just by turning a few screws. From inside the closet, loosen the adjusting screw (the one in an elongated slot), raise or lower the door, and tighten the screw. You may also have to reposition a locking screw. If any of the screws are stripped and won’t tighten, just move the roller bracket to a new spot. With some bypass doors, you can adjust the position by turning a nut above the door.

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