How to Secure Your Home, Your Belongings and Your Life!

How to Secure Your Home, Your Belongings and Your Life!

The home is probably the biggest single investment a family will make, and the contents are the result of a lifetime of work and experiences over the years. Modern lifestyles see rising crime rates, as the gap between the haves and have-nots grows, so it makes sense to protect the home against unauthorised entry. Today’s housebreaker is far removed from the stereotyped man with a mask and striped T shirt who hurries along rooftops in the dead of night, with his loot bag slung over his shoulder.

The modern housebreaker

The 21st century burglar looks like anyone else, and wouldn’t be carrying anything, nor acting suspiciously. Some of these latter day criminals are what we call opportunist thieves, they have no set target, rather they move around and keep an eye out for the right moment to present itself.

A numbers game

A typical house breaker might do a lot of walking, an innocent enough pastime, yet he or she is actually casing properties, and they know just what to look for. An open ground floor window or door is the ideal scenario, and they can be inside your home in the time it takes to say “I’ve been robbed.” A person might have just popped out to fetch their partner at the train station, and didn’t bother with that lounge window, only being gone for a few minutes, but if a thief happened to witness your departure, they could make off with a surprising amount of goods, and it would all be over before you returned.

Vehicle theft

Car parks are favoured locations for thieves, and they quickly scan the vehicles, looking for expensive items, such as laptops and tablets, which are often just left on the seats. Perhaps the owner didn’t consider the risk, but if a car is targeted, these people can be in and out in a flash. So prevalent is stealing from cars in Car parks, the owners always display signs warning drivers that they are not liable for any items stolen from their vehicles. There are locksmiths in Perth who can install an alarm system, something that would immediately be apparent to an experienced car thief, and they would simply move on.

The one stop solution

Find a good locksmith, and your home security issues will be a thing of the past. There are several ways to protect a property, and depending on your particular needs, the locksmith would make a recommendation. It might be that the locksmith considers a CCTV system as being adequate, and with a high deterrent value, the sight of a few cameras is enough to deter the average thief. The locksmith might recommend a change of locks, and would also be able to supply and fit any type or brand of lock. If one is living in Western Australia, visit Action Lock in Perth who can arrange to give a security appraisal at the customer’s convenience.

A range of systems

Some people like the idea of round the clock surveillance, and opt for a customised CCTV solution, while others prefer to have alarmed entry points, and possibly motion sensors around the perimeters. Whatever your domestic or commercial needs, make sure to talk to a locksmith if security needs an upgrade, then one can rest assured that one’s investment is adequately protected.

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