10 Best Ways To Use A Self Storage Space

10 Best Ways To Use A Self Storage Space

Storage units are there to provide homeowners with a place to store their belongings which they don’t have spare room for at home. They’re usually very secure with things like CCTV and security staff in place, and they’re relatively inexpensive. In addition, they’re not just for homeowners as many businesses use them as well.

However, utilising storage spaces properly is essential for those looking to avoid the likes of creepy crawlies making a home out of their stuff. This article sets out to offer advice as to how to best utilise self storage space.

Getting the Most out of Your Space

Those looking to make sure their space is best utilised may benefit from taking the following tips on board.

  • Keep belongings stored on top of pallets – Floods or spillages from other units could find their way under the door to a storage unit. Keeping things on pallets will prevent anything from being damaged.
  • Seal everything in plastic wrap – Making sure everything is sealed tightly in a plastic wrap will prevent insects and dust from getting into belongings.
  • Pack things to the ceiling – Those looking to fit a lot of items into a small space should put things in boxes and stack them to the ceiling.
  • Use plywood to stabilise layers of boxes – Laying plywood over layers of boxes will help keep valuables safe by taking some pressure off the tops of the boxes.
  • It’s a good idea to have access to sand – Though water should drain away from self storage unit doors, ice slacks can form in rare cases. Sand will be useful if the floors are slippery.
  • Look after the unit – Storage units are there to protect belongings, but those renting them also need to protect the unit itself as to avoid any fines for damages.
  • Put labels on boxes – It’s easy to forget which items were put into which boxes after months have passed by. To avoid any future confusion, it’s best to clearly label boxes.
  • Make a floor plan – It might even be a good idea to draw a rough floor plan and arrange items into categories so that they can be found easily. Even if all boxes are clearly labelled, having a floor plan will mean people aren’t required to look through dozens of piles to find what they’re looking for.
  • Use a durable but small lock – Though most units do have security staff working around the clock, nobody wants to take any chances with the safety of their stuff. Small locks are the best for preventing bolt cutter attacks.
  • Make sure items are well insulated – Some items, such as vinyl’s and photos, may need to be insulated in order to be protected from cold weather conditions.

Storage units can be a great asset for those who need to save space at home, but it’s important to use them correctly. The tips above will go far for anybody who’s looking to get the most out of their storage space.

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