House Health Check: What to Look out For

House Health Check: What to Look out For

As a homeowner, there are always a stack of jobs that need to be done around the house from upgrading the electrics through to checking the plumbing and while some jobs can be done without any expert help; others are best left to a professional. When checking a home over for health problems, there are a few things to look out for no matter how old or new the property is and the larger the home is; the longer the check will take but it is important not to rush it or there is a risk that something will be overlooked.

Ensuring that a home is a healthy place for everyone to be is important and it might be a good idea to contact professional plumbers in Perth, London or wherever in the world the property is based to help to check the property over for problems.

Let’s take a look at some of the things to look out for when doing a health check of a home:

  • The Stairs

It is easy for people to fall up or down stairs when they are not kept in good condition, so look out for carpet that has pulled up or broken steps and get them repaired.

  • Check the Alarms

Having alarms in a home is vital for all of the following:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Burglars

These alarms will help to keep a property safe and secure, so make sure that they are all working and have working batteries by checking them every six months.

  • Hot Water

Make sure that the taps in the house are not pumping out scalding hot water, as this can be dangerous to everyone from children to visitors. Find professional plumbing in Perth (or wherever the property is based) and ask a plumber to ensure that the water temperature is set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid accidents.

  •  Test for Radon & Asbestos

Depending on the age of the building and the location, there is a chance that asbestos is in the structure of the building and this always needs to be removed. Also, some properties have high levels of Radon (a radioactive gas) and home testing kits can help to diagnose this problem.

Top Tip: Testing for Radon should be done once every two years.

  • Poisonous Products

Dangerous chemicals and other poisonous products should always be kept locked up to protect everyone from children to pets.

For Example: Anti-scalding bath tub spouts are a great way to help to avoid burns caused by hot water coming out of a tap by reducing the flow of water when it reaches a dangerously high temperature and any professional plumber can easily install these

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