How to Make Yard Chores Easier

How to Make Yard Chores Easier

How to Make Yard Chores Easier

Quick improvements that save time and toil

Everyone loves a project that takes a little time now and pays off big in time savings later. So here are some upgrades that will speed up chores every summer for years to come.

Mowing borders eliminate trimming

A ground-level row of stones or bricks provides a border that you can mow right over. No need to get out the grass trimmer. This trick works along retaining walls, fences, planters, even buildings.

Garden tool garage

Mount a cheap mailbox in a hidden corner of your garden and you’ve got a place to store garden gear—right where you need it.

Backyard pipeline

If you have a fence, you can run a permanent water line to a convenient spot far from the house. All it takes is a few pipe or conduit straps (in the plumbing and electrical aisles at home centers).

Slow watering, the fast way

When it comes to watering, a slow trickle is better than a fast flood; water soaks in deeply and evenly instead of running off. But leaving your hose on a slow trickle lets you water only one spot at a time and you have to keep moving the hose. So drill a few 1/8-in. holes in buckets. You can fill the buckets fast and walk away, allowing gravity to do the rest.

Out of your way — instantly

Flip-up downspout extensions won’t slow you down while mowing. You can lift them out of your path with your foot. You’ll find downspout hinges at some home centers and online. Installation is as easy as driving a few screws, though you may also have to cut the extension at a 45-degree angle.

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