18 WAYS to get more snapchat views & followers

Before we jump into the ways you can get more Snapchat story views and followers let us look at some numbers.

As of fall 2015 Snapchat was receiving over four billion videos views per day. That is in line with both Facebook and YouTube. Four billion views is double the number of views Snapchat reported in the spring of 2015. By the time you read this book there is a good chance Snapchat will be approaching 10 billion video views on a daily basis. That is huge. Brands and advertisers are willing to spend big bucks to get their logos and names in front of the millennial audience that is currently on Snapchat.

The value of a view is currently $0.02 according to Snapchat. When the company initially rolled out their advertising model they hoped to get $0.10 per view. These goals were lofty and the expectations had to be tempered. Advertisers are more than happy to pay the $0.02 per view to have a place in an official live Snapchat story, but $0.10 is just too expensive. Even though Snapchat is charging $0.02 a view do not think that you can charge this much for your personal account. Generally, partners or publishers get paid between 50% and 66% when it comes to advertising dollars.

Google has paid Adsense publishers 66% for over a decade. This means that each YouTube ad that is viewed or clicked nets the content producer 66% of the profit. Let’s lowball the advertising split and say that an advertiser gets 50% of what Snapchat is currently getting. That would value each Snapchat view at $0.01. That is not too bad for posting a story of your life. If you are getting 10,000 views per story and are willing to insert two ads you could make $200 a day. Now, how can you get to 10,000 views per story? Here are some ways you can do that.

1. Add From Your Contacts List

This may seem obvious but some Snapchat users have never added other users that are in their phone contact list. We have seen many comments and conversations about the reluctance to add certain people because it will cause drama. That is for you to decide. If you share Snapchat stories of yourself out on the town and with other friends of the opposite sex you might not want to add all of your ex boyfriend and/or ex girlfriend.

Those are views that are definitely not worth the $0.01. Every time you get a new phone number you can open your Snapchat app and see if that person has Snapchat. If they are under the age of 30 there is a very good chance they will have a Snapchat account.

While it was once creepy to randomly add users it is now expected. If you have someone’s phone number they expect you to add them on Snapchat. Take 15 minutes right now to go through your contact list and add users that are currently on Snapchat. You can even invite those in your contact list to join Snapchat if they haven’t already. This could double your Snapchat story view count with a few clicks.

2. Use the Add Nearby Feature

In one of the latest Snapchat updates the Add Nearby feature was released. This is an opportunity for you to add a large number of people in a matter of seconds. If you are at a party, sporting event or concert with a group of friends ask them to open the Add Nearby feature on Snapchat. When they do, you will see all the Snapchat accounts you do not follow. We shall imagine this is huge at fraternity and sorority college parties. It would also be a great feature to use when you go to a rival high school football game or basketball game. You could quickly add 20 to 25 followers if you are sitting in a student section.

This is a feature you should use if you don’t already; especially when meeting new people your age. Google “Snapchat Add Nearby Wojdylo” if you want to learn the steps to use this handy feature.

3. Share Your QR Code/Selfie Ghost. Everywhere!

This is the method I have used to amass the majority of my Snapchat followers and story views. On average, I add about 75 new followers every single day. I have shared my Snapchat QR Code on the sidebar of my Wojdylo Social Media website as well as within the text of most of my how to guides. Anyone that searches for Snapchat related keywords on Google is going to eventually bump into my QR code.

If you Google Image search “Snapchat Celebrity Usernames” I am on the front page. I am on the front page of Google Image search for a number or different keyword phrases related to Snapchat accounts to follow. If you strategically name your Snapchat QR Code photo file you will be able to rank in Google Image search rather easily. No one is doing this and it is up for grabs if you are willing to do it before the crowd jumps on board.

The Selfie Ghost is something that is new but it would not hurt to snap a picture of your face to get more followers with your QR Code. Make sure the picture reflects who you are and how you use Snapchat.

If you really want to jumpstart your following print out your Snapchat QR Code and share it everywhere you can think of. Hand it out at football games, leave it in books people your age would read, go to college campuses and post them on bulletin boards. Come up with a viral marketing campaign for your printed Snapchat QR code and you are going to see your following skyrocket. I will be publishing more on this as I am currently devoting time to a Snapchat QR Code marketing campaign at some local colleges. If done correctly, you could grow a very large local following which could lead to some big advertising dollars later. Local restaurants and stores will beg for you to mention their name in your Snapchat Story. Get started handing out your printed Snapchat QR Code today.

4. Look for Snapchat Directories on the Internet

As of this writing there are not a lot of good Snapchat directories online. I think that will change in the next six to 12 months. In fact, it you want to create a highly trafficked website come up with a way for users to submit their username and why others should follow them. Snapchat users are begging for quality content to watch and there just isn’t much out there right now.

Be careful where you share your name on the Internet. Do a little bit of research on the directories to see who else is sharing their Snapchat username. Unfortunately, there are a lot of creeps on the Internet and you could get inappropriate Snaps and conversations. As stated at the beginning of this book, I would encourage you to change your setting to only allow your friends to send you private Snaps. I would err on the side of caution when deciding on posting to a Snapchat directory. Dig deep into the directory to see if other people like you have posted their username. You may even want to add some of the users that have already posted and ask them about their experience using this method to add Snapchat followers.

5. Use Twitter to Start Snapchat Conversations

Every single day thousands of tweets are published with the keyword “Snapchat”. As of fall 2015 approximately 120,000 daily tweets mention Snapchat. This is a great opportunity to jump into a conversation and get more Snapchat followers. While some will simply search Snapchat usernames I would suggest getting in on the Twitter conversation before adding another Snapchat user. Unlike Twitter, Snapchat is not a place that someone will automatically add you back if you follow them.

There are a number of Snapchat users that state they will follow back but this is only if you add them. Once they see a couple of your stories and decide you are of no interest they will likely unfollow and your story views will decrease. If you want to truly build a large Snapchat following get to know some Snapchat users that are active on Twitter and have a conversation with them there. This will allow others to see you have an awesome Snapchat account that should be followed. You may also want to hop into Snapchat conversations on Twitter in which you can help someone with a problem. By helping them, they will look to you for guidance in the future. This likely means a follow and a story view every time you post.

6. Use the Snapchat Text Feature

You can carry on a normal text conversation with someone through the Snapchat text feature. You may have added 10 people from Twitter or a Snapchat directory yet they did not add you back. If their settings are not limited you will be able to send them a Snap text. Start a casual conversation and ask some generic questions. Ask them about their school, their city or town or what they like to do for fun. After a five or 10 minute conversation there is a good chance they will add you to see your Snapchat story. If you have a good story you will have a follower for life.

You can also use the Snapchat text feature to promote your account with people that already follow you. Ask your current friends and followers to share your Snapchat name or QR Code. Ask them what type of content or stories they would like to see. If they know any Snapchat tips or tricks the text feature is a great way to learn from them. You will never know if you don’t ask.

7. Never Let Your Snapchat Story Remain Empty

Remember that a new follower will look to see if you have a Snapchat story. If they follow you and your story is empty they may immediately unfollow you. The latest addition to your story will disappear after 24 hours. Even if you don’t have the most exciting video or picture to share you will want to keep your story live and updated. One of the best things you can do is share QR Codes of other popular accounts; especially celebrities.

If you don’t have anything to share to your Snapchat story find the QR Code of a popular celebrity and share that. The easiest way to do it is to search on Twitter or Google Images. Snap a picture of the QR code on your computer and you will make certain your Snapchat story is not empty. You will also find that you get the most Snapchat screenshots when you share a QR code. When all else fails just share my Snapchat QR Code. This along will get you plenty of engagement.

8. Be Consistent With Your Snapchat Name and Other Social Media Accounts

Time and again I see someone with a different Instagram, Kik, Twitter and Snapchat name. If people know you on Instagram, Kik or Twitter they are likely going to search for that exact username on Snapchat. If your username is different on all social networks you will be missing out on followers and Snapchat views. One of the best ways to make certain your name is consistent is to make it extremely unique. Some names will not be available on certain social networks which will force you to be clever.

If your name is unavailable it might be time to come up with a new name. While Snapchat is still rather new many of the most popular names have been taken. Use your creativity and come up with something you can use across the board on all social outlets.

9. Post Your Snapchat Name as Your Instagram Location

There are a number of ways you can use Instagram to grow your Snapchat following. One of the most effective ways is to post your Snapchat name as your location. There are not many places to share information, especially links, on Instagram so you are going to have to get creative if you want your Insta followers to meet you on Snapchat. Each time you post an Instagram selfie or picture make certain to put your Snapchat name as your location. You may also want to mention in the caption that people can see more on Snapchat. Snapchat is for the moments in between the Instagrams, right?

I have seen several celebrities that have been consistent when doing this. While it makes sense to put your Snapchat name in your Instagram profile remember that a large number of Instagram users will never click through to your profile; they will simply look at the photos that show up in their feed or stream. Take advantage of the location text!

10. Become a Local Celebrity

Snapchat is a very localized app. At this time the majority of your followers likely live within 30 miles of you. Use this to your advantage. Take Snapchat stories while at local events such as football games, concerts or festivals. Do reviews on local restaurants or coffee shops. Reach out to business owners to see if they will be willing to let you video some behind the scenes action. You may even get free meals or tickets by doing this.

If you become a local celebrity you will find that word of mouth will spread your Snapchat name. Before you know it all businesses will be begging you to Snap from their location. If you are business savvy you will broker some deals and not only get free meals but money out of it. You will never be able to do this unless you try. After talking to three or four business owners you will get the hang of it and your Snapchat following and story views will skyrocket. In time, you may find that everyone in your high school or college is following you because of your celebrity status.

11. Write a Snapchat Blog

If you are willing to commit time to writing a blog related to Snapchat you will find that your following grows quickly. You already use the app, you have knowledge of the product and you have followers. Why not write about your experience? Taking screenshots from the app is super easy. There is plenty of content to write about. Each day there are new live stories and the Discover tab is full of videos and tips. There will never be a day when you don’t have new topics to write about. With each Snapchat update there are new features to write about. The Snapchat selfie filters and trophy case are the latest but there will be more updates later on.

When writing about Snapchat always make sure to add your QR Code and Snapchat name somewhere in each article; We would suggest marking it your signature. This will help you grow your following which in turn will increase the number of Snapchat story views. When you get a large following you can announce your latest blog post on Snapchat and immediately have thousands of readers. Go write some Snapchat articles!

Once you get started please feel free to reach out to me and I will get you kick started with a link from my website. I will also be willing to let the better Snapchat “writers” publish some articles on my Wojdylo Social Media website to get their name out there.

12. Help Other Snapchat Users

If you are willing to help other people they are going to help you in the long run. Get to know some of your followers and help them out of the goodness of your heart. Use Snapchat to ask your followers questions. If you are writing a Snapchat Blog this is a great place to get article topics. They can be something as easy as “Do You Like the New Snapchat Selfie Filters?” Most people that use Snapchat have an opinion when it comes to the features.

When helping others always mention them. The large majority of Snapchat users only get 35-50 Snapchat views per day. If you have a following and you share their QR code or mention their name you may double their followers and Snapchat views in a matter of a few hours. Those that have been successful growing social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram have been successful helping their following. I would strongly suggest only helping those you trust. Don’t simply share screen names and QR codes because they share yours. This could come back to haunt you. Your reputation is on the line and you don’t want to introduce your Snapchat followers to someone that is going to act inappropriately.

You may also want to consider helping Snapchat users by offering Tips and Tricks. Tell your followers how to create multiple lines of text on a Snapchat story. Inform them of the latest Snapchat updates such as the newest trophies or filters. If you stay on top of your Snapchat game you will be able to help others rather easily.

13. Have a Snapchat Contest

This can be extremely effective if you have something to give away. Remember when I said Snapchat is a hyper local app? Why not give away a $20 gift card to the local restaurant that is downtown? Hopefully you have built a relationship with the business owner by this point. If you have any type of a Snapchat following the business owner will likely give you the $20 gift card. If the business won’t give you the gift card I can assure you the $20 investment will be well worth it in the long run.

Some of the best Snapchat contests ask users to submit pictures or videos to the person or brand holding the contest. Ask your followers for the best Snapchat cartoons or funniest videos. You will find that making a game out of the contest will bring out the best in

Snapchat users. Google search “How to Run a Snapchat Contest” to get a few more ideas. If you have something to give away you are going to add more followers. This has been a general rule of thumb since the early days of social media.

14. Be the First to Announce Snapchat Updates

Some of my largest growth days, in terms of a Snapchat following and story views, were days when Snapchat had a major update. I published articles on what the emoji icons meant, the red vs yellow heart, Snapchat trophies and the newest selfie filters. On all of these days I added over 500 new followers. I now get excited when Snapchat updates their app.

If you are one of the first to announce the newest Snapchat updates you are going to see your following grow quickly. Your followers will look to you to find out the latest on Snapchat. Take the time to search Google News for articles related to Snapchat. If you are willing to put in 30 minutes a day reading about Snapchat you will be an expert within a month. By that time you will be writing Snapchat books.

The best way to stay up to the second on Snapchat updates is to use the app consistently. You likely do that anyway. When an update hits, announce it on your story and tell others to try it out. They will then tell their friends that you told them. This has happened to me ten fold when it comes to the multiple line trick on Snapchat. I often have people tell me they found me because a friend told them who informed them of the multiple line text trick. Announce the updates and tips and tricks and your story view count will grow quickly.

If you want the latest Snapchat updates access the Wojdylo Social Media Snapchat Today category.

15. Look at Comments on Snapchat Articles

If you go to Wojdylo Social Media and search “Snapchat Friends” you will find dozens of articles with over 100 comments. Most of these comments are Snapchat users looking for more friends. One article in particular has over 1000 comments. After you finish looking through all of these users check out some of the other Snapchat articles on the Internet. Almost every single Snapchat article has dozens of comments with Snapchat users posting their user names.

Tread lightly with who you follow from these comments. The great thing about Snapchat is you can add them, view their story and decide if you want to continue to follow them. For the most part, most of these users are harmless but there are some you will not want to follow for any number of reasons.

When looking through comments on Snapchat articles you may end up finding your future best friend or the love of your life. You never know.

16. Learn to Be a Snapchat Artist

This is something that will set you apart from the crowd. My friend that runs the JustCartoonz account has grown quite the audience because he draws fantastic characters on Snapchat. The attention to detail is amazing. Many Snapchat artists use an iPad, Android tablet or stylus so they can make their pictures even better.

If you have any artistic ability you will be able to enhance your Snapchat photos and stories. Even if you are not artistic you can still use the drawing features on Snapchat to poke fun at your inability to draw. Do some searching for Snapchat artists and see how they are using the app. You do not have to be Leonardo Da Vinci. If you are willing to put a few hours into learning how to draw on Snapchat you could end up increasing your following tenfold. There aren’t a lot of Snapchat artists that know how to promote their skills. After reading this book and learning to be a Snapchat artist you will be one on your way to stardom.

17. Partner with Snapchat Celebrities and Influencers

One of the best ways to grow a following is to interview or befriend someone with a large following. We have all seen large Instagram accounts mention other Instagram accounts. Why not do the same thing with Snapchat? Anastasia Ashley constantly shares the Snapchat names of her supermodel friends. As you can imagine, they all add thousands of new followers any time she mentions them.

If you have a friend that is a Snapchat celebrity hang out with them often. When they pick up their phone to video for a Snapchat story hop into the video. Act like a fool. Tell a joke. Do something to get the attention of their audience. If you have fun with it you will find that a large number of their followers quickly become your followers as well.

When looking to partner with influencers and celebrities remember to verify they truly are an influencer. There are a number of fake screenshots of Snapchat story views in the millions. After looking into this deeper I quickly found out that dozens of people were sharing the same screenshot. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. The best way to determine the influence of someone on Snapchat is to do your research. Follow them on Snapchat for a week and see if they play the part. If they are posting poor content or no content at all you can rest assured they are not a Snapchat celebrity or influencer. Your intuition is very powerful; go with your gut feeling.

Pick and choose wisely when it comes to partnering with a celebrity or influencer.

18. Talk About Snapchat. All. The. Time!

Every single time I am out at an event my friends know I am going to take Snapchat videos. They don’t even have to ask what I am doing. When they have a Snapchat question they text me. If you talk about Snapchat enough you will become the expert. Make it a point to express your interest in the app and what you have learned. Eventually, your friends will realize that you are a force on Snapchat and they will promote you to their friends.

If you hear the word Snapchat take the time to listen to what other people are saying. You may find out that someone works for Snapchat or has an upcoming internship. This is a great opportunity to build your circle of influence. The more you discuss Snapchat the more people will come to you for information and resources. Hopefully you have created a Snapchat blog by this point so you can simply direct them to that. You can also tell them to follow you on.. .Snapchat!

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