Doorbell Repair – How to DIY

Doorbell Repair – How to DIY

By following a few basic steps, you can install or repair door chime units.

Door chimes operate off low voltage. Power from 6 to 30 volts is enough to make your chimes ring. The normal 120-volt household current is stepped down to this low voltage by means of a transformer.

To install a new door chime, the transformer is first connected to a junction box close to the chime unit’s location. Although the low voltage in door chimes will not give you a deadly shock, the power should be turned off before making any repairs. The connection of the transformer must be done with the power shut off. There are still 120 volts of cur rent running through the junction box.

The transformer is mounted outside the junction box with the wires entering the box White wires are attached to white wires, black wires to black The bell wire is connected to the transformer and runs through the house to the chime unit The wires for the push button are connected to the chime unit and the transformer All wires must be connected to the correct terminals on the chime unit Should the chimes fail to ring, start your troubleshooting with the push button. Unscrew the push button and jump the terminals. If the chimes ring, you need a new button. If the chimes fail to ring, the trouble is elsewhere in the system. Disconnect the wires from the push button and twist them together. This makes a connection that will allow the chimes to ring without the need of running to the door to push the button, saving you some time on your repair work Test the transformer next. Make sure the wires are connected properly. A faulty connection will prevent the chimes from sounding.

If there is no faulty connection, disconnect both wires from the transformer terminal and use a voltmeter to touch each terminal. If the voltmeter registers no reading, the transformer needs replacing.

Check the chime unit next for faulty connections. Test the chime terminals with a voltmeter. If there is a reading, you’ll need to replace the chimes. If the chimes check out okay, as do all the other parts of the system, then you could have a broken wire that needs replacing.


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Install a transformer at the nearest junction box The transformer steps down the voltage from the house current to a 6 to 24 volt system to operate your chimes. Run the wires from the transformer to the chimes and to the exterior buttons. Make sure you install a transformer with enough voltage to operate your system.

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